Revive CBD focuses on providing a natural, and reliable, alternative to medicine to our consumers. Our team formulates each of our products with the highest quality ingredients and level of care. Revive CBD seed to heart process allows us to oversee the entire life cycle of our products.  


Choosing the proper seeds for our hemp crop is no easy task. In order to provide you with the best products in the industry, we begin our process with hemp seeds that will produce the highest quality cannabidiol. When growing and choosing the right seed, we need to be careful of the variety of hemp being grown – not to exceed a 0.3 THC threshold (any higher would be considered a cannabis plant). Cannabis cultivation is subject to stricter rules and laws that lead to fines if broken. Our team grows hemp within the designated threshold, giving our consumers peace of mind. From soil to sunlight, we have the ability to control each variable involved. 


Hemp that is grown specifically for CBD extraction is typically harvested in the fall when cannabinoid levels are at its peak. Hemp flowers are ready for harvesting when they are ripe and full. Plants are then dried and optimally cured. Timing is essential in this stage to ensure the plants promote a high-quality cannabis oil. Today, there is little documentation that features producing CBD on a broad-acre scale. Revive CBD is here to change the status quo.


Our extraction and purification take place at our state-of-the-art 40,000 sq ft., cGMP extraction facility in Nevada, USA. Many of our competitors are testing unproven technologies when it comes to production. Our team, however, has gone through extensive research and experiments to ensure we are using preferred methods of extraction. There are two common methods of extracting cannabidiol from the hemp plant. Let’s talk about them:

  1. Supercritical CO2 Extraction: This method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures while filtering the plants through a series of chambers. Supercritical means that carbon dioxide is at a temperature that at the same time acts both as a gas and a liquid. This filtering process allows us to isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity of the cannabidiol. This specific process requires expensive equipment and very close attention to detail. When done properly, the CO2 Extraction method produces a safe and potent product free of chlorophyll.  The material extracted looks like butter and thick oil containing fats and waxes natural to the hemp plant. When it comes out of the machine, CO2 is released in the air leaving behind the crude oil. We then winterize the product which utilizes freezing and distillation methods.
  2. Ethanol: solvent ethanol is introduced to the hemp plant in order to extract cannabinoids. This method is generally used to produce full-spectrum products as it generally destroys plant waxes.

Why we prefer to use supercritical CO2 extraction for hemp oil?

CBD extraction methods are extremely important to understand as the have a direct impact on the quality of the end product.  That is why Revive CBD goes the extra mile to ensure safe extractions with close attention to detail. For our process, we use supercritical CO2 extraction. 

  1. Purity: Like cooking, if you were to overcook your fresh ingredients all the nutrients will be gone.  While cooking the ingredients on a lower temperature preserves the healthy nutrients within. The same goes for CO2 extraction which allows us to retain hemp oil quality with 60%-85% CBD, minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, etc), and terpenes.
  2. Efficiency: CO2 extraction lead to higher yields, quicker extraction times, and lower energy consumption which allows us to minimize our carbon footprint.
  3. Versatile: CO2 extraction is highly customizable providing our team the ability to optimize our products for oil quality, and fine-tune our process to create new hemp oil products.

Unlike Ethanol extraction, and other use of toxic solvents that require several more hours to get rid of extra solvent in the oil.  In addition, industries outside of our space have proven time and time again that the highest efficiencies in commercial processing are of CO2.  CO2 extraction is a clean, safe, and versatile method of extraction hemp CBD.

NO solvents, NO heavy metals, and NO pesticides. 

Zero THC

Our hemp oil contains all cannabinoids and that are natural to hemp except THC ( the one that makes you high).  Our breeding methods and extraction process are geared towards preserving the beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and plant lipids all while eliminating the unwanted THC. 

Third-Party Lab Tested

Every Revive CBD product undergoes rigorous lab testing for the highest quality standards and quality control.  Third-party lab testing gives you as our consumer the ability to see what’s exactly in your product whether it be CBD, CBG, and various other terpenes.

Organically Grown

Organically grown hemp is crucial to the quality of CBD.  As of this time, the USDA does not certify domestic hemp. At this point, CBD companies are only allowed to say “Organically Grown”.  Once our farms and suppliers are approved by the USDA, we’ll be the first to apply for certification.


Undoubtedly the most important, and final, step in the process. This is the step that makes all of our hard work worth it; because we provide you with products that help you maximize your full potential. Scientific research has proven that CBD may be therapeutic for a multitude of conditions. Cannabidiol can mimic and augment the efforts of the endogenous compounds in our bodies – this is what scientists refer to as the “endocannabinoid system”. Our health suffers when the endocannabinoid system is not functioning properly. By modulating the endocannabinoid system and improving tone, CBD can slow, or even stop, the progression of various diseases. Our team at Revive CBD has first-hand experiences with CBD and the health benefits it has had on us and in our families. From CBD tinctures to CBD infused rock candy, each product is made to help our consumers achieve the greatest benefits. It is important to us that we provide only the highest grade products and help lead the charge in making disease optional. This is the foundation of Revive CBD – from our hearts to yours. 

How to choose your CBD online

The best way to choose your CBD is to do some research and ask yourself these simple questions. 

  1. Where does the product come from?
  2. How is the hemp processed?
  3. What parts of the hemp plant are used?
  4. Is there a 3rd party lab test available?
  5. Is the CBD Brand reputable?

If those questions (above) are not answered written in text or visually through photos, that online hemp brand has not taken the extra step to guarantee transparency. Here at Revive CBD online shop, we empathize with our customers. We value customer experience above all else.  We provide lab tests that are easily accessible on the product pages, and you through our process from seed to heart. The CBD market grows day by day, and countless brands are entering the space. As technology advances, consumers will better develop a better understanding of the production process. Continue reading our Revive CBD blog to learn more.

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